About Glenfarg Village Folk Club

Past, Present and Future

Glenfarg Folk Club first met on 3rd April 1978 and over the intervening 41 years has developed into one of the premier folk clubs in the country. Having been centred in the village of Glenfarg since its inception, the Club was forced to move to Kinross on 9th November 2015 due to the closure of the Glenfarg Hotel; happily, we have remained at Backstage in the Green Hotel, Kinross since that auspicious date. We meet every Monday night and offer a wide range of musical acts as well as providing an opportunity for budding performers to "have a go". Over the course of any year's programme you can enjoy both traditional and contemporary folk music from both home and abroad and can hear blues, country, jazz, ragtime, story-telling and poetry, always performed in a welcoming, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We are renowned as a "singing club", which is particularly obvious when we are treated to any chorus songs; the Glenfarg Audience Choir is always eagerly awaiting the chance to participate! As well as our "choir", we are fortunate to have several members who are accomplished "floor" singers in their own right. In addition to our valued guest artiste nights, we also host our own "Singarounds" on a monthly basis, events which permit any attendee to perform amongst "friends" who offer both encouragement and craic.

Our musical history is not complete without mention of our main musical event of the year, our annual 3 day Folk Feast. To date, we have organised 41 such Feasts and they just seem to get better and better. We have a well-tried and successful format of ceilidh, concerts, workshops, sessions/singarounds, song competition, and Puff-a-Box World Championship (don't ask!), all of which attract sell-out crowds of attendees, many of whom return every year, from far-and-wide, to support our efforts and, of course, to meet up with old friends and to participate in the festival. The event is now widely acclaimed as being one of the best and most friendly folk events in the country's calendar and for the past 3 years has taken place at our new home in the Backstage at the Green Hotel.

Of course, we are much more than a music club. As a social group, we enjoy many other types of event throughout the year, events such as a golf tournament, a quiz night, a 10 pin bowling competition, and our very own Club Weekend Away. This latter extravaganza consists of 3 days and nights when we de-camp to either an hotel or a cabin site to entertain each other both musically and with a variety of other activities. All these events are open to all our Club members and are always well supported and are always great fun.

As a result of all the events mentioned above, the Club was proud to be voted by the Scots Trad Awards organisation to be the Scottish Folk Club of the Year in 2005.

It is our intention to continue with all our present activities for the foreseeable future and to continue to support live folk music for many years to come.

Finally, the Jacob sheep's head which has been incorporated into our present-day logo is original art work produced by one of the Club's founders, Andy Ramage. That original drawing has been adapted into our new logo by our current "webmaster" Philip Ponton.