Here you will find rich archives of our club dating from 1979. All of the Folk Feast programmes are available to view, but we are missing just three copies, years 1982, 1984, and 1985. If anybody has these we would love to loan and scan them to complete our records. Details of weekly club nights continue to be added as time permits .

Club Logo

The original Jacob sheeps head logo was designed by founder member Andy Ramage. Originally in monochrome it first appeared on the 9th Folk Feast programme in 1987. Sometime later it was updated with a colour version and the words 'Internationally Famous' added. A further change was made when the club relocated to Kinross, due to the closure of the Glenfarg Hotel in 2015. The word 'Village' was dropped and the name of the club was changed to Glenfarg Folk Club. The current logo incorporates the new location 'Kinross' underneath. Whilst the word 'Village' remains within the logo it is no longer used as part of the clubs name.

Folk Feasts from the 1st to the 41st. Programmes and guest details

1st Folk Feast 1979 The first birthday celebration for the club at the Glenfarg Hotel.

2nd Folk Feast 1980 Both The Glenfarg Hotel and The Lomond Hotel were used.

3rd Folk Feast 1981 Saffron Summerfield and Archie Fisher were among the guests.

5th Folk Feast 1983 The Baiglie Inn, Aberargie was included for informal sessions.

8th Folk Feast 1986 For the first time the Village Hall was used for the main concerts.

9th Folk Feast 1987 The Dreich Quaich and the World Puff-s-Box Championsips took place.

10th Folk Feast 1988 The 'Horniegolloch Goblet' competition was featured.

11th Folk Feast 1989 The Shanty Chanty competition featured.

12th Folk Feast 1990 The Stir-Up Cup was the competition theme.

13th Folk Feast 1991 The 'Peedie Peerie' competition took place.

14th Folk Feast 1992 Crooked Jack's Skullcrusher Show entertined the youngsters.

15th Folk Feast 1993 The programme grows to 24 pages in A5 size.

16th Folk Feast 1994 At The Lomond Hotel.

17th Folk Feast 1995 At The Balgeddie Toll and Portmoak and Glenfarg Village Halls.

18th Folk Feast 1996 Back to The Glenfarg Hotel.

19th Folk Feast 1997 The 'Red, Red Rosebowl' competition took place.

20th Folk Feast 1998 The Puff-a-Box Championship is in its 13th year.

21st Folk Feast 1999 Another programme cover by the artiste Jim Douglas

22nd Folk Feast 2000 The weekend ticket price was £20,00

23rd Folk Feast 2001 The sponsors were Bell & Company and Tay Landrover.

24th Folk Feast 2002 The 'Dreich Quaich' competition featured.

25th Folk Feast 2003 It was the 25th Feast and the 'Silver Jublilee' celebration.

26th Folk Feast 2004 The opning Ceilidh featured Ewen Sutherland & Friends.

27th Folk Feast 2005 Risky business, Dennis Alexander & Deaf Sheperd were guests.

28th Folk Feast 2006 Jim Payne & Fergus O'Byrne performed including a Step Dancing class.

29th Folk Feast 2007 Dougie MacLean headlined the Final Fling

30th Folk Feast 2008 Strathmiglo Village Hall was used.

31st Folk Feast 2009 "A Song From The Heart" was the competition theme.

32nd Folk Feast 2010 The Sands Family and Michael Marra were guests.

33rd Folk Feast 2011 The Weekend ticket price was £35.00

34th Folk Feast 2012 The Poozies and Mike Silver headline the two concerts.

35th Folk Feast 2013 The programme changes to the smaller 'DL' size

36th Folk Feast 2014 Red barn Studios continue to be our main sponsors.

37th Folk Feast 2015 Vin Garbutt headlined the Sunday concert.

38th Folk Feast 2016 The club moves to Backstage at The Green, Kinross.

39th Folk Feast 2017 Another cover design by Stan Ginter.

40th Folk Feast 2018 We celebrate our 40th Folk Feast!.

41st Folk Feast 2019 Les Barker and Anthony Toner were two of our guests.

42nd Folk Feast 2020 For the first time in 42 years the Folk feast was cancelled! A pandemic Corona Virus put life on hold with countless events across the globe affected. The brochure shows the guest artistes who were due to perform.

Weekly Club Nights and Guest Details 1986 to 2002

Year 1986
Jan to Feb These are the only records for this year

Year 1987
Sep to Oct The club met in the Lomond Hotel at 8.30 p.m.

Nov to Dec The club met in the Lomond Hotel at 8.30 p.m.

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Year 1988
Jan to Feb Guest lists ran for two months

Mar to May The AGM was due in May

May to Jun Tich Frier and Ian Walker were among the guests

Jun to Aug The annual picnic at Lochore Meadows was announced, as was the Golf Competition at Bishopshire.

Sep to Oct Eddie Walker was due to visit

Nov to Dec A Christmas party was planned for Boxing Day

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Year 1989
Jan to Feb Hamish Imlach was a guest in January

Mar to Apr Craobh Rua were making their first guest appearance at the club

May to Jun A first time appearance for Geoff Higginbottom and the club AGM took place

Jul to Aug The club meets every Monday at the Lomond Hotel and a club visit to the Dundee Folk Festival was announced.

Sep to Oct Pete Morton and Keiran Goss were amongst the guests.

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Years 1990 to 1991
May 90 to Apr 91 A list of artistes and events. The Runaway String Band, Matt Armour, Jim Couza and Carolina Shout and Dave Goulder were among the guests.

Years 1991 to 1992
May 91 to Apr 92 Chris Miles and Gordeanna McCullooch, Davey Steel and Colin Matheson, and John Watt were some of the guests.

Years 1992 to 1993
May 92 to Apr 93 Brian Miller and Charlie Soane were guests. Charlie performed at the very first Folk Feast in 1979.

Feb 93 to May 93 This copy is feint but legible.

Apr 93 to Jul 93 This copy is feint but legible.

Years 1993 to 1994
May 93 to Apr 94 The club welcomed Hazel and Jennifer Wrigley, Allan Taylor, Artizan and many others to perform at the club.

Year 1995 to 1996
May 1995 to April 1996 Just a few of the artistes were Jez Lowe, lain Mackintosh, Sheena Wellington with Ewan Sutherland, The Broads and The Cast.

Sep 96 to Nov 96 The club weekend away was announced to be held at the Clachaig Inn, Killin in November.

Year 1997
Jan to Feb The 19th Folk Feast guests were announced which included Grant Baynham, Tich Frier and Alan Taylor.

Mar to Apr In the guest line up were Jim Malcolm, Gerry Hallom and Ceile. The 19th Folk Feast was due to take place.

May to Jun "Johnny Silvo. Return of the Sound Man's Nightmare!!! evening of pure enjoyment guaranteed with one of the greatest entertainers on the Folk or any other musical scene."

Jul to Aug "Kristina Olsen. One of the most entertaining artistes ever to have visited Glenfarg, Kristina is equally at home with rocking Blues or her own gentler ballads. A first class performer."

Sep to Nov "A warm welcome back to our favounte "biker, hiker, dry-stane dyker". Dave's songs have charmed and entertarned the Scottrsh Folk Scene for many years, wrth his vast range of work contaning some absolute gems. Do yourself a favour- dont miss him!"

Nov to Dec Andrew Calhoun & Kat Eggleston from Chicago were among the guest artistes.

Year 1998
Jan to Mar Blackeyed Biddy, Kinrick and Phil Hare & Penni McLaren Walker were among the guests.

Mar to Apr "Jez Lowe and The Bad Pennies: One of our all-time-favourite performers, Jez last visited Glenfarg with his band at the 1996 Folk Feast. This is certain to be a great night, so come early to ensure a seat". Also the 20th Folk Feast was due to take place.

May to July Another AGM took place, Bente Kure & Leif Ernstein and Rohallion were among the performers visiting the club.

Aug to Oct Guest artistes included Itchy Fingers, Derek Brimstone and Bruce Davies.

Oct to Dec To bring the year to a close guests included Paul Cherrinton & Pamela Ward, North Sea Gas and a Christmas party with Crooked Jack (Denis Alexander and John Grey).

Nov only A colour page of artistes due to visit the club in November 1998.

Year 1999
Jan to Feb "Another first time visitor to the Club, Ireland's Anthony John Clark is a singer/songwriter with a good few albums under his belt. He will take you from the crossroad dances of Ireland in the 1930's to the Karaoke evenings of the1990's without letting your feet touch the ground!"

Feb to Mar Tommy Sands, Stairheid Gossip and Ian Bruce were all due to appear at the club.

Mar to Apr "Eddie Walker. A great favourite at Glenlarg, Eddie makes a welcome return tonight with his mix of Old Folk Blues, Rags, Hillbilly Country and Original Songs. He is a great entertainer and musician who should not be missed."

Apr to Jun Colin Ramage, a founder member of the club, was due to perform. Al Hughes with his traditional Delta and East Coast Blues was also booked.

Jun to Jul A Summer Picnic at Lochore Meadows was one of several social events the club planned for its members.

Jul to Sep "Michael Marra. A first time visit to Glenfarg for one of Scotlands most well respected songwriters. With numerous television appearances and work in the Theatre, Michael has built a superb reputation for producing songs that are witty, poignant, straight to the point"

Oct to Dec The guest list now displays 'Now a Non Smoking Venue', a bold move. The Sandy Watt Quaich competition and a festive Fireside Session both featured in the club programme.

Year 2000
Jan to Feb Guests included the Sangsters, and Crooked Jack for Valentines night. A Burns night session featured and the 11th Folk Feast was announced.

Feb to Mar "Tonight sees the retum of an old friend of the Club who is a very popular character throughout the folk scene, namely, Jim Reid. Originally fae Dundee, Jim is a singer / songwriter / tunesrnith with many albums to his credit. Tonight he'll be Freewheelin'through some of the old favourites".

Apr to May The usual Survivors Sing-around followed the Folk Feast. John McCormack from Indiana and Jez Lowe and The Bad Pennies were two of the guests for April month.

May to Jun The AGM, Johnny Silvo and Mr Les Barker all featured in the guest list.

Jun to Aug "Tonight Cowboy Celtic makes a return visit to the Glenfarg Conal. Shake the trail dust from yur jeans, mosey on down to the club, get off yur horse and drink yur Guinness, and enjoy a great night of music reflecting the cross fertilisation of cowboy cultue and good old taditional Celtic music."

Aug to Sep For the summer months Heather Heywood, Maurice Dickson and Joe Aitkin with Euan Sutherland were guest artistes.

Sep to Nov "Kristina Olsen and Peter Grayling. One of only two Scottish dates on this tour for this international duo. Kristina is from San Francisco while Peter is "up" from down under! Kristina is a very fine singer/songwriter and a fine instrumentalist playing guitar, sorophone, concertina and piano. Peter on the other hand plays a mean Cello. This will be a very busy night so come early!"

Nov to Dec To finish the year an Open Stage and the Sandy Watt Quaich kept members involved. Guest artistes included Tich Frier and Blackeyed Biddy.

Year 2001
Jan to Feb Kinrick started the year off. Other guests included Jim Reid and Dave Gibb. The traditional Burns Night Sing-around also featured.

Feb to Apr There is no guest list in the archives for this period, but here is a list of the artistes who performed.

Apr to Jun "A welcome return to Glenfarg, for this popular duo from down under. Mundy and Turner are a ray of Australian sunshine and they will leave you with a big smile. Their music is unique with Jay’s versatile guitar playing and Cath on piano and fiddle combined with their great voices. Come along and be mesmerised."

Jul to Aug Judy Dinning, Athony John Clark, and Julia Lane & Fred Gosbee all graced the stage at The Terace Bar of the Glenfarg Hotel.

Sep to Oct Guests included Wired To The Moon, Kieron Means and Rosemary Woods & Ben Sands.

Nov to Dec "Fundraiser. No it’s not the name of a new band. The club is pleased to support Wendy Welch and Jack Beck and maybe some friends with this fundraiser for the Scots/American Artistes Exchange, which helps with artists travelling expenses. A night full of surprises not to mention some great music."

Year 2002
Jan to Feb Alison McMorland was joined by her daughter Kirsty and Geodie McIntyre for the second concert of the year.

Mar to Apr Clair Mann from Newcastle upon Tyne was a guest. She is one of the leading exponents of Traditional Irish flute, fiddle, tin whistle and song.

May to Jun The AGM was squeezed in amongst acts including The Keekin Gless and Johnny Silvo.

Jun to Jul "Tich is a roving troubadour with a powerful voice and wonderful driving guitar style. What an entertainer, Tich has played around the world for many years and still manages to retain hisyouthful looks .. how does he do it. Great to have him back at the club"

Aug to Sep Guests included Ian Walker & Jimmy Scott, Colcannon and Fine Friday. There was also a Agricultural Session.

Oct to Nov Shepeard, Speirs and Watson were guests. Traditional songs and tunes and fine singers.

Nov to Dec The Sandy Watt Quaich featured. To finish the year there was A Cosy Get Together around the fire to share songs and stories old and new.